Pot Roast

Pot roast

I had never made a pot roast. In fact, I don’t think I had ever eaten a pot roast.

Beef stew, yes. And various beef roasts, but never pot roast.

Certainly my mother had never made a pot roast. But I remember hearing about pot roasts on TV all the time, especially on sitcoms, the wife would be making pot roasts. I think pot roasts are sort of a suburban housewife thing, no?

Anyway, I got it into my head to try to make a pot roast, so I used Mark Bittman’s recipe.

Like many things I make with beef and pork, it turned out tasting great, but the meat wasn’t as tender as I’d like.

I suspect I overcooked it, as I used only half of the 3 lb. boneless chuck roast. It did taste great though.

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