Mystery Animal

Today when I was getting ready for my early morning walk, I raised the blind in the living room and saw a strange animal making its way along the sidewalk.

It wasn’t a cat, nor a rat, the tail was all wrong for either and it much too big for a rat in any case. Definitely wasn’t a raccoon. Kinda whitish in the lamplight.

For a moment I thought it might be an opossum, as it looked sortta like one that I had seen when I lived in the Wissahickon area, but I didn’t think opossums lived in the city proper. But then I decided the tail, which looked kinda thick, was wrong for opossums.

Anyway, it disappeared behind a car and I thought that was that.

But when I stepped outside, it was still there.

Alas, it was too dark to get a photo of it, and when it heard me come out it started running away anyway. It got to the end of the block and disappeared.

I wonder what it was.

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