Here’s Hoping the Door Hits Its Mark

Professor Krugman expresses his opinion of Andrew Sullivan in his latest blog posting. My take—which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been reading my email for the past few years—is that Sullivan is a hate-filled, pseudo-intellectual who posts mostly incoherent drivel that his fans mistake for erudition; he’s a weather vane who sticks mostly to “conventional wisdom” while occasionally peppering his writings so he can come off like an iconoclast; and he’s a standard-issue racist who deeply believes all non-white “races” are inherently inferior. That every 20 or 50 posts he writes something that is eminently quotable only hi-lights the vapidity of the majority of his work.

I could go on and detail his paranoia, conspiracy mongering, and other crimes against reason, but why bother? I hope the door does hit him on the ass on his way out.

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