At 9:10 AM I received the call. Was I ready for the delivery? I most certainly was. They were going to make me the first stop so I should expect them in about a half hour. The two delivery men went right at it. As I pretty much expected, the basement door needed to be … Continue reading Delivery!

Dry Wash

The washer and dryer that came with this house have been showing signs of their age. More than that, I’ve been annoyed by the limited capacity of the washer because it can only handle about half a week’s worth of towels, so I have to do a load of towels every four days. This all … Continue reading Dry Wash

It’s Today!

Light the candles, 🎉Get the ice out, 🍸Roll the rug up, ♬It's today. 🤪Though it may not be anyone's birthday, 🎂And though it's far from the first of the year, 🎊I know that this very minute has history in it, we're here! 🥳 — Jerry Herman, “It’s Today”, from Mame