North Shore

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be a quick one. Extract a few short videos, slap a little narrative on them, upload. Then get on with my morning. That’s what was supposed to happen. Extracting the video clips was no problem. Finding the ones I wanted and editing them took ten, maybe fifteen minutes tops, and … Continue reading North Shore

Alan Shore

I’m afraid I didn’t do a very good job of introducing Alan Shore (whom I incorrectly referred to as Alan North, since fixed!) in yesterday’s post. So let his friend Ellenor Frutt introduce him: Oops! Wrong video. Did Ted Baxter get into the screening room? Never mind. Here’s a better example of Alan’s legal prowess … Continue reading Alan Shore

A Simple Lunch

Sometimes the simple meals are the most satisfying. I made a spaghetti sauce by sautéing some onions with an Italian sausage, then added some Rao’s Marinara Sauce and parsley from my herb garden. A side of asparagus from the Garden State and a salad of an avocado drizzled with lime juice.