Sgt. Pepper

Sometime early in the summer of 1967 Leonard Yingst brought the new Beatles album over for me to listen to. I had been following the Beatles ever since they made their American debut on Ed Sullivan’s television show back in 1964, but the only album of theirs that I had ever bought was their first … Continue reading Sgt. Pepper


Graham Norton has admitted that he sometimes has to pretend to be more enthusiastic about a movie that one of his television show guests is promoting than he really is. On the other hand, sometimes one can tell when his excitement is real. For example, when he invites the same guest to promote the movie … Continue reading Femme

Pear Cake

I found some great pears on Ninth Street the other day, so with Thanksgiving nigh upon us, I decided to bake a traditional pear cake. Well, I’m sure it’s a tradition somewhere. The recipe calls for peeled pears, but I don’t bother as I don’t notice the peels once they’re baked. Also, I like to … Continue reading Pear Cake