Penn and Teller have a television program where they invite magicians of all kinds (professional, aspiring, young, old) to try to fool them with a trick that they’ve devised. If the guest successfully fools the masters, the guest is invited to perform in Penn and Teller’s long-running Las Vegas act. One of the joys of … Continue reading D.K.

Exploding Eggs

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with making poached eggs in the microwave ever since Graham Norton mentioned doing it on his radio show/podcast a few weeks ago. According the Graham, just break an egg into a ramekin that has a small bit of room temperature water in it, then throw it into the microwave for between … Continue reading Exploding Eggs

Bert Trautmann

Bernhard Carl Trautmann, commonly known as Bert, was born in Germany in 1923 and joined the Luftwaffe early in the Second World War, where he served as a paratrooper. He fought for the Germans for four years, earning five medals, including an Iron Cross, until being captured by the British near the end of the … Continue reading Bert Trautmann

Fleishman Is an Idiot

I tried watching Fleishman Is in Trouble, and I rather enjoyed the first episode. But the second episode grew tedious as it became increasingly clear that the protagonist, Toby Fleishman (portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) was making increasingly foolish choices. Plus, I came to realize that we only saw Toby’s wife Rachel in flashbacks from Toby’s point … Continue reading Fleishman Is an Idiot