A Correction

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that Clint Walker was 6’4” tall, but I see that the Cheyenne Wiki says he was “6-foot, 6-inch-tall”.  Yesterday’s post was based on information from imdb which is often wrong, so I’m going to go with the Cheyenne Wiki, especially since Walker really did make Rod Taylor look short. Of … Continue reading A Correction

Caption This

There’s a lot a couple blocks from here that’s been vacant for years and has been something of an eyesore. So imagine my surprise when I walked past it this morning only to find a, uh, well, a sculpture? What would you call it?  Have you got a name for it?

A Good Investment

I had been having chronic pain in my shoulders and trapezius muscles till one day I decided perhaps it was due to lugging groceries from the supermarket. So I ordered a backpack from Amazon, and ever since I’ve been using it, the pain has been gradually disappearing. One of the best investments I’ve ever made. … Continue reading A Good Investment

My Breakfast Cereal

I’ve been making my own breakfast cereal for about 30 years. The basics haven’t changed, it’s mainly rolled oats and toasted sunflower seeds, but the other ingredients have gone through several variations over time. The current formula is two lbs rolled oats, two lbs toasted sunflower seeds, a half lb peanuts, and a a half … Continue reading My Breakfast Cereal

Pot Roast

I had never made a pot roast. In fact, I don’t think I had ever eaten a pot roast. Beef stew, yes. And various beef roasts, but never pot roast. Certainly my mother had never made a pot roast. But I remember hearing about pot roasts on TV all the time, especially on sitcoms, the … Continue reading Pot Roast

Barbara Gittings Way

    On my walk back from Trader Joe’s yesterday I went past Barbara Gittings Way at 13th and Locust where they have newly laid out rainbow crosswalks. The city has painted rainbows on the crosswalks several times previously, but they’ve always faded quickly, so this time they used a different technique using thermoplastic that’s … Continue reading Barbara Gittings Way