My Views on Abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure that a woman obtains in consultation with her chosen medical providers. The government should make sure that abortions are available to all women and that they are safe. Period.

I Schussle

When I was younger, my mother often used to tell me, “You schussle!”  That’s a Pennsylvania Dutch word, which according to the Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary means “to move too hastily”. In my case my mother meant I rushed, and rushing led to careless mistakes. The first time I recall her saying it was when she … Continue reading I Schussle

The Birds

One of my favorite tech oriented podcasts is the Accidental Tech Podcast or ATP. It’s just three guys talking about tech-related topics or whatever comes into their minds that week. In their latest episode, they talk a bit about their recent vacations, and John Siracusa describes a series of incidents with some very aggressive birds. … Continue reading The Birds


I’ve been listening to some of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown podcast; I skip the commercials and the sports talk, and if the news is especially bleak that day, I skip the whole thing because even with KO’s sense of humor, well… Anyway he's been concluding most episodes with a story about his favorite topic; that would … Continue reading KO