Then and Now

The good folks at have published an interesting map of the electoral votes in the 1976 and 2020 elections: As they say: Compare the 1976 map with the 2020 map. Eleven states (including D.C.) stayed blue (D.C., Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin). Twelve states stayed red … Continue reading Then and Now


The previous item reminded me of my first couple of weeks at the brand spankin’ new Elco school. Compared to the the Richland school where I had been going since third grade, it was huge. At Richland there were five classrooms for the six elementary grades, so grades three through five were split and shared … Continue reading Elco

Gary and Tony

  During my first year at Penn State, I lived in the dorms in East Halls on the 10th floor of Pinchot Hall. Just down the hall and to the right lived two fellows from South Philadelphia, both of Italian extraction, Gary and Tony.  I’ve mentioned Tony a couple of times previously, but not Gary. … Continue reading Gary and Tony