I Schussle

When I was younger, my mother often used to tell me, “You schussle!”  That’s a Pennsylvania Dutch word, which according to the Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary means “to move too hastily”. In my case my mother meant I rushed, and rushing led to careless mistakes. The first time I recall her saying it was when she … Continue reading I Schussle

I Don’t Want To Talk About It

  I tried making the roast chicken according to the recipe given on America’s Test Kitchen. It did not go well. I ended up with good gravy and reasonably good tasting chicken, but the skin was dried out, not crispy, and—  Oh, never mind.

Blood Will Tell

My blood work results came back yesterday. My cholesterol is very high. Now this has been normal for me for years, and it hasn’t been a cause for concern because it was my good cholesterol (the HDL) that was pushing the total cholesterol level over the top. But now it’s my bad cholesterol (the LDL) that has … Continue reading Blood Will Tell