Children Will Listen

Children may not obeyBut children will listenChildren will look to youFor which way to turnTo learn what to beCareful before you say"Listen to me”Children will listen —“Children Will Listen” by  Stephen Sondheim The first dentist I remember was, I believe, Dr. Noll, whose office was across the street from Kruger’s grocery store in Richland. All … Continue reading Children Will Listen

A Night Out

It must have been back in the late 90s, probably 1998, I’d guess. A group of us from work were dining out. It was Christine, Simone, Don, and me, plus we were joined by Simone’s friend Angel. Simone had picked the restaurant, a Chinese eatery called Mustard Greens in Queen Village just below South Street. … Continue reading A Night Out

The 1950 Census

Census records are only released to the public after 72 years, which means that the 1950 records were made available earlier this year. Now that the family search site has had some time to scan them and digitize them and convert the handwritten census takers’ scrawls into computerese, I stared looking for them. And I … Continue reading The 1950 Census

Jennifer Kenny

After some further searching, I discovered in the newspaper archives that Sally Price and Jennifer Kenny were often involved in Library Club activities, so it seemed that Jennifer Kenny must be the name of the third girl that I wasn’t certain of in my previous post. But I couldn’t find her in the yearbook, or … Continue reading Jennifer Kenny

Sally Price

While looking through my 8th grade yearbook for something else, I came across this photo of the Library Club, and I found it contradicts my memories in numerous ways. First of all, I’m not in it. OK, so maybe I was out sick the day the photo was taken, because I know that I was in Library … Continue reading Sally Price