The Chicks

  I was going through a box with old letters and things in search of some documentation for a future series of posts that I plan to write, when I came upon my old little red book of addresses. I used to maintain that book when I lived in Harrisburg and for the first few … Continue reading The Chicks

Gary and Tony

  During my first year at Penn State, I lived in the dorms in East Halls on the 10th floor of Pinchot Hall. Just down the hall and to the right lived two fellows from South Philadelphia, both of Italian extraction, Gary and Tony.  I’ve mentioned Tony a couple of times previously, but not Gary. … Continue reading Gary and Tony

Children Will Listen

Children may not obeyBut children will listenChildren will look to youFor which way to turnTo learn what to beCareful before you say"Listen to me”Children will listen —“Children Will Listen” by  Stephen Sondheim The first dentist I remember was, I believe, Dr. Noll, whose office was across the street from Kruger’s grocery store in Richland. All … Continue reading Children Will Listen

A Night Out

It must have been back in the late 90s, probably 1998, I’d guess. A group of us from work were dining out. It was Christine, Simone, Don, and me, plus we were joined by Simone’s friend Angel. Simone had picked the restaurant, a Chinese eatery called Mustard Greens in Queen Village just below South Street. … Continue reading A Night Out