As I’ve mentioned previously, when I was growing up in Richland, Randy was one of my oldest friends. As it happened, he had a lot of cousins in that town. A lot of cousins. One of whom was Philip. Philip was three years older than we were, and he was what you might call an … Continue reading Philip

Children Will Listen

Children may not obeyBut children will listenChildren will look to youFor which way to turnTo learn what to beCareful before you say"Listen to me”Children will listen —“Children Will Listen” by  Stephen Sondheim The first dentist I remember was, I believe, Dr. Noll, whose office was across the street from Kruger’s grocery store in Richland. All … Continue reading Children Will Listen

Hart Beaver

It was a big deal when Hart Beaver moved to town with his wife and children sometime in the early 60s. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Lebanon County, so he automatically became one of Richland’s most prominent citizens, and he moved into a long-abandoned farm house near the edge of town and proceeded … Continue reading Hart Beaver