The Last of Her Generation

My aunt Jane Zellers died last week at the age of 93.

She had been reasonably healthy and in full possession of her faculties right up until just a few weeks ago, when suddenly she became short of breath, and she was diagnosed with an advanced case of lung cancer. Fortunately, her illness did not drag out, and her children were given a chance to say goodbye. Her obituary was published in the Reading Eagle.

Here’s a photo of Jane and Allen taken in 2011Here’s a photo of Jane and Allen taken in 2011


Her passing marks the end of an era for the Zellers family, as she was practically the last one of her generation still around. (I say practically, because thankfully Fumiko is still with us, but Fumiko was born and raised in Okinawa, so she doesn’t have the knowledge of the old stories of the Zellers clan to relate, although she does have her own stories to tell, some of which are hair-raising indeed.)

Uncle Eddie passed away just a few years ago, then Neal went about two years ago, and last year Allen (Jane’s husband) and my mother both passed away.

Here’s a little video where I sat Allen, Jane, and my mother in front of a camera in 2014 and asked them to reminisce.


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