A Day Late

Last evening around 8:30 I received a call from the Apple Store in Ardmore. Apparently the driver’s mother returned my iMac Pro to the suburban store, which as I explained to the nice man on the phone (I assume he was the manager) I had no convenient way of reaching, as I do not own a car. I am, however, a mere five blocks or so from the Walnut Street Store. He mentioned something about overnighting it to the Walnut Street Store and promised to keep me informed. It was the end of the day, and I was tired, and probably so was he, and several easier solutions didn’t occur to me until after we hung up.

This morning I received another call from the Armore Store, this was a woman, presumably the Sunday manager, and she proposed a simpler solution. She would refund my entire purchase price in the form of three gift certificates, which I could use to purchase a new iMac Pro at the Walnut Store. She was as good as her word, and in a few minutes she sent me the certificates, which I took to the Apple Store on Walnut Street, and in minutes I was walking out the door with a new iMac Pro.

I can’t say I’m a happy camper exactly, but I’m much more satisfied with how Darnèe Shepheard handled the problem. When I got home and finished lugging the iMac Pro up to my fourth floor apartment, I called her back, as I promised I would, to let her know she could shred the original gift certificates.

A big thank you to Darnèe Shepheard!

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My new iMac Pro still in the box. I’ll start setting it up after lunch.My new iMac Pro still in the box. I’ll start setting it up after lunch.

My new iMac Pro still in the box. I’ll start setting it up after lunch.

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