Ship of Fools

I wish I could say that I warned against picking Obama back in 2008 as the Democratic candidate, but I wasn’t that prescient. I simply could not understand why so many folks were creaming in their pants over the guy just because he could give a speech.

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Lots of people can give a speech; that doesn’t qualify them for president.

No, I was merely bemused by his popularity. I didn’t expect his presidency to be the unmitigated disaster it turned out to be.

During the financial crisis at the start of his first term, he didn’t stimulate the economy nearly enough, thus prolonging the period of high unemployment (which is probably what drove so many of his voters over to the GOP side). It’s possible he couldn’t have gotten a bigger stimulus through Congress, but the point is he didn’t even ask for one. He was an awful negotiator.

He actually tried to cut Social Security and Medicare, and the only thing that stopped him was that the Republicans wanted to cut them even more. He cruelly deported far more people than even Trump has done, in a effort to what? Show that he could be just as heartless as any Republican? Overall, he ruled like a moderate Republican, not a Democrat.

Worst of all, he revived the career of that total asshole Joe Biden.

I wish people would stop referring to him as intelligent. He’s an idiot and ought to be banished from the party, maybe even from the country like the Romans used to do.

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So, even though no one listens to me or reads my blog posts, I wanted to jot down a couple thoughts on the current ship of fools who are running for the Democratic nomination.

First of all, being gay is not a qualification for the presidency. And being gay and believing in a god is especially stupid.

Being mayor of a small town, no matter how successfully, is not a qualification. Nor is being mayor of New York City, especially if you’re a not very successful mayor.

And please, Democrats, don’t pick someone who doesn’t have much of a record in politics. That’s how we got Obama. He didn’t have much of a record, so everyone just projected onto him whatever they wanted him to be.

And definitely don’t pick someone who doesn’t have experience in Federal politics. We don’t need a repeat of the first few months of Bill Clinton’s term. Clinton was a gifted politician, but he had no experience on a national level, so the Republicans were able to walk all over him for the first few months. That’s how we got saddled with the execrable “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that caused so much misery for so many years.

I just hope that today’s Democratic voters learn from the blunders of the past.

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