John Oliver Is Back!

So good to have John Oliver back now that the writers’ strike has been settled. Here’e the main story from last night, but if you can, tune in to see the whole show because the recap of the previous five months when they were off the air is priceless!

Dress Codes

Today’s Saturday Q&A over at is especially interesting. There were questions followed by very good answers on subjects such as seating Diane Feinstein’s replacement on the Judiciary Committee, converting gold to cash, why Republicans oppose net neutrality, the merits of a civil trial versus a criminal one, and many others. I particularly liked their … Continue reading Dress Codes

A Common Enemy

In 1959 a story was published that described three mysterious stores that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, in Tokyo, Paris, and New York City. The shops called themselves Martian Shops and displayed technology that was far in advance of anything heretofore known on earth. The stores were staffed by salespeople wearing skin-tight face masks and … Continue reading A Common Enemy

A Quality of Mercy

There was an excellent article in yesterday’s nytimes about Philadelphia youths who were given life sentences under cruel and aggressively punitive DA Lynne Abraham, and who have now had their sentences reduced under the more enlightened leadership of Larry Krasner. We’re talking about people who were clearly guilty of their crimes, not wrongly convicted, so … Continue reading A Quality of Mercy


In 1968 I still didn’t have the right to vote as the 26th Amendment had not yet been added to our Constitution, so it didn’t matter all that much that I couldn’t decide which of the major party candidates I supported. I still considered myself a Republican in those days, and if I could have … Continue reading HHH

This Week in GOP

  RNC Celebrated Fourth By Tweeting Liberian Flag On Tuesday, the Republican Party’s official Twitter account posted to mark the Fourth of July, writing, “247 years ago, our forefathers told Ol’ King George to get lost! Happy Independence Day from the GOP!” There was just one problem: the flags they used in the graphic were … Continue reading This Week in GOP