Political Theater

Surprising no one, the vile Republicans in the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee moved forward in their effort to impeach Philadelphia’s twice elected progressive District Attorney Larry Krasner. Ignoring all evidence, which is what Republicans do, the committee sent the articles to the House floor. Since today is the Senate’s last scheduled day, it’s unlikely that … Continue reading Political Theater

My Views on Abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure that a woman obtains in consultation with her chosen medical providers. The government should make sure that abortions are available to all women and that they are safe. Period.

Sam’s Signs

As I went for my early morning walk today, I saw that Sam’s Morning Glory Diner had a sign in support of our great DA, Larry Krasner.   And another one urging folks to vote.

Political Differences?

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin Early in the Ken Burns documentary on Benjamin Franklin the narrator claims that Franklin “let political differences destroy his relationship with his son.”  Knowing a little bit about the history of Ben and his son William, I immediately … Continue reading Political Differences?


John W. Campbell, Jr., was a racist, a sexist, a fascist, and a purveyor of crackpot ideas; in other words he would have felt right at home in today’s Republican Party. I wrote about him in earlier posts here and here. So I was surprised when I came across this editorial that he wrote for … Continue reading Conservatism