I’ve never liked American football. I went to see a game my first term at Penn State and found it just plain boring. Left at half time. I used to enjoy baseball, though I got tired of the the greediness of both the players and the owners during one of the strikes in the 90s, … Continue reading Super


Why is it that whenever I’m not expecting a delivery from Amazon, I see their delivery van drive through my street in the morning or early in the afternoon? But when I am expecting a delivery, it practically never arrives until late in the afternoon or the evening? Just asking.

JT’s Folly

 This could also be called JT’s Disaster, JT’s Catastrophe, or JT’s Humiliation. It all started on Friday as I was browsing through Consumer Reports and saw a mention of self-serve coffee makers: “These machines brew up to 12 cups at once and keep the coffee hot throughout the day in an internal reservoir. There’s no hot plate … Continue reading JT’s Folly