Goo Gone

I just bought a new coffee mug, and you probably know what that means. There was an annoying sticker on the bottom of the mug. You try to tear it off and what’s left is some disgusting goo that just won’t wash off. Happily, I have Goo Gone to come to the rescue. Just put … Continue reading Goo Gone

Independence Day

I was wondering when folks started calling this day the Fourth of July rather than Independence Day, and it turns out it was always thus: When 18th-century state legislatures planned the first July 4 observances, they didn’t bother to give the day a proper name. Meanwhile, Mark Evanier has a good story about a song … Continue reading Independence Day

Boob Garden

Well, I have my answer to that mysterious sculpture that popped up the other week. It’s a Boob Garden. Or so says artist Rose Luardo who put it there: “I’m just a zany human being. I would say that my work on this planet is configuring funny things like this Boob Garden,” she said. “It … Continue reading Boob Garden