A Real Gladiator Never Says I’m Sorry

The opening narration of 1960’s Spartacus refers to the Christian faith overthrowing the pagan “tyranny” of Rome, implying that all that was wrong with ancient Roman society was due to paganism. Except as the narrator makes clear a moment later, slavery wasn’t abolished for another 2,000 years. That’s right, Christianity did nothing to abolish slavery; when … Continue reading A Real Gladiator Never Says I’m Sorry


In 1968 I still didn’t have the right to vote as the 26th Amendment had not yet been added to our Constitution, so it didn’t matter all that much that I couldn’t decide which of the major party candidates I supported. I still considered myself a Republican in those days, and if I could have … Continue reading HHH

Go Read ’em

The good folks at E-V.com have another great piece today: Ron DeSantis... and the Lost Cause  It’s all about the new “standards” for teaching slavery in Florida, but it’s much more than that as it goes into the history of the so-called Lost Cause, the Southern historians attempts to whitewash the causes of the Civil … Continue reading Go Read ’em

Independence Day

I was wondering when folks started calling this day the Fourth of July rather than Independence Day, and it turns out it was always thus: When 18th-century state legislatures planned the first July 4 observances, they didn’t bother to give the day a proper name. Meanwhile, Mark Evanier has a good story about a song … Continue reading Independence Day

Then and Now

The good folks at Electoral-Vote.com have published an interesting map of the electoral votes in the 1976 and 2020 elections: As they say: Compare the 1976 map with the 2020 map. Eleven states (including D.C.) stayed blue (D.C., Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin). Twelve states stayed red … Continue reading Then and Now