The Birds

One of my favorite tech oriented podcasts is the Accidental Tech Podcast or ATP. It’s just three guys talking about tech-related topics or whatever comes into their minds that week. In their latest episode, they talk a bit about their recent vacations, and John Siracusa describes a series of incidents with some very aggressive birds. … Continue reading The Birds


“It is true that the president needed a few Democratic votes to pass the Thirteenth Amendment in the lagging days of a lame-duck Congress, but he never attached any symbolic importance to its coming before the public as “bipartisan” legislation. He was an unembarrassed Republican who took every opportunity to call himself a Republican; and … Continue reading Bipartisan

It Was Her Grandmother!

WhenI looked up the nytimes article from 1980, I discovered that it was Angela Lansbury’s grandmother who smoked, not her aunt, as I had mistakenly written in a previous post. Here is the relevant article from the the archives: