I became a Wagnerite in 1971, and a Perfect Wagnerite the following year.  For several reasons I didn’t get to know his opera Lohengrin very well, though I did go to see a great performance of it at the Met in the late 70s. I’m rectifying that omission now, and of course there’s a wealth of … Continue reading Prelude

Josh Groban

There’s a good interview with Josh Groban on Fresh Air where he talks about the revival of Sweeney Todd where he plays the title character. Ann Marie Baldonado is the interviewer: BALDONADO: You - when you're describing Sondheim, you talked about how, you know, he often writes staccato, but this - of "Sweeney's" a little … Continue reading Josh Groban

On the Steps of the Schubert

Broadway World has posted a video commemorating the 50th Anniversary of “Sondheim: A Musical Tribute”. I remember getting that album back in the 70s, although probably a year or so after it came out, when I was a fledgling Sondheim fan. That album helped to cement my admiration for Sondheim.