Nessun Dorma

Residents of Richland didn’t get much sleep on the night of Wednesday April 13, 1960, and into the morning of the 14th. Marlin Stutzman was returning home from work at the Quaker Alloy Casting Co. in Myerstown, around 11:45 PM, “when I saw this big ball of fire going up in the air”. He first … Continue reading Nessun Dorma

Chuckwagon Steak

I probably patronized Skippy’s about as often as I did the Snack Bar. Skippy’s didn’t toast their burger buns and I didn’t like their fries as much (they made the thick fries with the curly cut rather than the thin straight cut fries), but otherwise their food was pretty much just as good. And they … Continue reading Chuckwagon Steak