John W. Campbell, Jr., was a racist, a sexist, a fascist, and a purveyor of crackpot ideas; in other words he would have felt right at home in today’s Republican Party. I wrote about him in earlier posts here and here. So I was surprised when I came across this editorial that he wrote for … Continue reading Conservatism

The Definition of Love

“Very well, Ben. You have uncovered your trouble.”“I have?”“What element was changed?”Caxton looked unhappy. At last he said, “You’re right, Jubal—it was because it was Jill. Because I love her.”“Close, Ben. But not dead center.”“Eh?”“ ‘Love’ is not the emotion that caused you to flee. What is ‘love,’ Ben?”“What? Oh, come off it! Everybody from … Continue reading The Definition of Love

Because John W. Campbell Was a Racist, That’s Why!

Isaac Asimov always credited John W. Campbell, Jr., the editor of Astounding Stories, as an important influence on his writing. When Asimov was still a teenager, he submitted his early stories to Campbell, and although they were rejected, Campbell ended up giving Asimov some excellent advice and feedback—especially once Asimov realized that Campbell’s office was … Continue reading Because John W. Campbell Was a Racist, That’s Why!