12 Angry Jurors

This was originally published on the old Compassionate Curmudgeon blog on June 5, 2008 at 5:31 PM.

The trial wrapped up today, as expected. The jury deliberated, had some spirited, passionate discussions, and eventually reached a verdict.

I expect to write about the details of the case as soon as I can clear my head; it was an emotional day.

And no, the jurors weren’t really angry. Considering that we were debating issues that would affect the liberty of a human being, we all remained remarkably civil.

I didn’t write down their names, but I did try awfully hard to learn to associate them with their numbers. (There were also two alternates, but I won’t try to spell their somewhat uncommon names.)

 1 Lisa
 2 Mathew
 3 Sandra
 4 George
 5 Patricia
 6 Kenisha
 7 Yasseline (pronounced more like Jocelyn)
 8 Veronica
 9 Linda
10 James (that would be me)
11 Joseph
12 Ellen

Hope I got that right. Thanks to all!

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