Memories 2006

On December 24, 2006, I sat my parents in front of a camcorder and asked them to do some reminiscing about how they met, etc. I was a bit disappointed in the results, although part of the problem was that I had not done my homework (a common failing of mine) and didn’t have a prepared list of questions to ask them; but another problem was that I had waited too long, and their memories had already faded.

Anyway, I didn’t think I had enough good material to do much with it, so there it sat on my hard disk. Waiting.

Well, with my mother’s recent death I finally took another look at it, and yes, there is a lot of me narrating a story and them reacting with a blank stare, but there is also some worthwhile stuff in there. I trimmed the video from 42 minutes down to just under 20, added a few little tweaks here and there and uploaded it to Youtube.

I was only going to circulate it among family, but after getting some positive feedback from some non-family members, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to put it on my blog (which nobody reads anyway).

So here it is.

In December 2006 Arlene and Tuffy sit down and reminisce

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