The Signed Playbill

The Playbill signed by the entire cast of the Walnut Street’s Legally BlondeThe Playbill signed by the entire cast of the Walnut Street’s Legally Blonde


As I wrote a couple months ago, I went to see the Walnut Street Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical after meeting my neighbor’s future daughter in law, Lindsey Bliven, who was appearing as “the mean one” in the show.

Well, Lindsey got the entire cast to sign a Playbill for me, and just a little while ago as I was walking back from an ATM, I ran into her and her future husband, Ryan. They were on their way to make arrangements for their wedding, but as we were only a few steps away from the house where the Playbill currently resided (that would be the home of my neighbor Georgia, Ryan’s mother), she suggested that Ryan could get the Playbill for me and meet up with her in a few minutes. Which he did.

I told Ryan that his future wife, although she seems so sweet in person, does play “mean” very well. She was terrific in the show.

That’s when he told me that they were on their way to pick out tablecloths (I think) for the wedding and trying to decide between white or ivory.

I said ivory, no question. He said he would pass that on to Lindsey.

Then I asked him about their wedding date.

When he replied, I told him that was an absolutely great day for a wedding. It happens to be my birthday.


(That song is from the first complete recording of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Allegro.)

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