Blood Will Tell

Red blood cells

My blood work results came back yesterday.

My cholesterol is very high.

Now this has been normal for me for years, and it hasn’t been a cause for concern because it was my good cholesterol (the HDL) that was pushing the total cholesterol level over the top.

But now it’s my bad cholesterol (the LDL) that has gone through the roof. “Bad cholesterol! Down boy! Bad boy!” 

I’m wondering if this is a result of the problem that my new doctor found. I did a web search, as did a friend of mine, and the results are a bit difficult to decipher, but I think that having too low a protein intake could cause the LDL levels to rise. We’ll have to check again after I’ve raised my protein intake for a few months.

My cholesterol

By the way, the way that I remember my good versus bad cholesterol is I want my HDL to be HIgh and my LDL to be Low.

I also noticed that my sodium level is at the lowest end of the range. I might need to increase my salt intake as well!

My sodium

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