Frost King

When I had the new windows put in, I also wanted to install a new back door, but the company on further inspection decided they didn’t have the expertise to replace that door as they were afraid that taking out the old one might uncover— Well, I don’t know what, but they were afraid it might be more than they could handle. So they removed that from their work order.

I wish that I had had the forethought to replace it with the other two windows that I had held back—the bathroom window and the den window. Given the higher than expected price of the window replacement estimate, I had decided that I could live without replacing those windows—at least this year.

As it turned out, the den window is not a problem, and it’s holding its own with the new windows, but the bathroom window is another matter. Now that we’ve had a few genuinely cold days, I do regret not having it replaced.

So Frost King to the rescue. I obtained a Frost King window insulation kit and just installed it. It went reasonably well.

91ptaKKCypL AC SL1500By reasonably well, I mean that I sort of got it right on the second attempt.

What you do is you put the double-sided tape around the window frame, take off the backing paper, and then stretch the clear plastic film along the tape, making it as taut as you can. Finally, you use a hair dryer to remove the wrinkles and a scissors to trim the excess.

It seemed like the hardest part was getting the backing paper off the double-sided tape, as I just couldn’t get it started, but once I did, things went smoothly. Until I got to the hair dryer bit. Because as I was smoothing out those wrinkles, the tape pulled away from the frame, destroying all my beautiful work.

So I started over. The kit that I bought was a three pack.

I checked the instructions and decided two things. I had been holding the hair dryer too close to the plastic film. Like Icarus, I guess. And I really didn’t care if it was a bit wrinkly. This is the bathroom after all.

So the second time was the charm. And if not, I still have one more to work with.

We’ll see how well it works tomorrow morning.


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