Mr. Tubs

Today I noticed that the water pressure in my kitchen sink faucet had dropped precipitously.

Just what I needed. Another home repair.

So I called the plumber that I’ve used successfully before—Mr. Tubs.

Surprisingly the woman who answered said they could be here at around 1:00 PM. This was both good news and bad news.

Good news because they can be here today to fix the problem, but bad because that’s right in the middle of my lunch hour. It seems whenever I get someone here to to fix something, the only time they can come is during my lunch hour. It rarely seems to fail.


He’s here now and he arrived at five minutes past 1:00, so that timing was pretty accurate. It seems I need a new faucet. After a bit of give and take, meaning I gave and he took, he had one on his truck that I actually liked better than the old one. Installed and with the new valves he had already put on the water lines under the sink, it’s only setting me back $575.

I shoulda been plumber.New faucet

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