Pet Peeves – Revelations

The final book of the New Testament is called The Revelation to John, The Revelation of John, or simply Revelation. I’ve also seen it rendered as The Revelation of St. John the Divine. But notice what all these titles have in common: the word Revelation is singular.

And yet I’m constantly hearing it referred to as Revelations with an unnecessary “s” at the end. I hear this from folks who really ought to know better. From men of the cloth of one sort to another, as well as from skeptics and atheists who seek to discredit its message.

It would seem like such a simple thing to get the title of the book correct, but apparently not.

So I was gratified to hear the preacher on the eighth episode of The Last of Us (penned by the estimable Craig Mazin) get his Revelation correct when he quoted a verse from it. It’s the little things.


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