How to Pick AI Pics

Earlier this week the good folks at ran a quiz to see if their readers could identify AI generated pics from real photos. Alas, I didn’t keep track of my answers so I don’t know how well I did, as the quiz didn’t tell me at the end, so if you decide to take the quiz, keep track of your answers. The pics are all numbered.

The quiz is at AI Quiz link.

The answers were published at this link.

In today’s Sunday Mailbag, they published several letters from readers with tips on how to distinguish AI generated content from real images. Here is a sample:

  1. Zoom in on anything with fine details. Look for any obvious defects with strands of hair, whiskers, teeth/gums, eyes (particularly pupils and irises), jewelry, leaves/grass, etc.
  2. The AI image generators don’t have any logic built in, so focus on items that require some mental model of the world (e.g., apples/oranges should only have one stem each; humans have five fingers; many man-made objects have right angles). Shadows should all be going in the same direction when there is one light source. Window reflections should reflect the surrounding environment.
  3. Look for repeating patterns, which are likely to be inconsistent in an AI image (e.g., the weave of the basket, the hair net of the doctor, architectural features on buildings).

And here are a couple of the images to practice on.




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