Sad News From Richland

Dennis seldomridge schaefferstown pa obituaryI still have one more post about Richland eateries to bring the history of the Snack Bar up to date, but while I’m waiting and hoping to get a pic or two to run with that post, I have some sad news about Richland folks to talk about.

On June 26 Dennis Seldomridge passed away at the age of 70 after recently celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife, the former Sharon Firestine. It seems like I was just writing about the passing of his brother Skeet, a former classmate of mine. Sadly their sister Deborah also recently passed away.

I only knew Dennis and Deborah as Skeet’s younger siblings, so I don’t have any anecdotes to pass along. If I ever spoke to them, it was probably just something like, “Where’s Skeet?” 

Still it’s sad news. Dennis left behind a son and grandchildren, as well as two younger sisters whom I don’t recall at all.

Then there’s the news of John Goodison, 76, dying on June 8.

Now John I knew a bit better, though he was about three years older than I was, so he was in the same class as my uncle Reed. I remember John would sometimes duck into the Post Office on very cold winter days on his way to school where I’d run into him, and we’d walk the rest of the way together. His last year at Penn State was my first year, and I think I saw him when I went to his cousin Philip’s apartment.

John is survived by his spouse Joanna, his children, and grandchildren, as well as his sister Mona and brother Thomas. I knew his siblings a little bit better, as Tom was a year older than I was, and Mona a year younger, but I haven’t seen either one since high school days.

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