As I’ve mentioned previously, when I was growing up in Richland, Randy was one of my oldest friends. As it happened, he had a lot of cousins in that town. A lot of cousins. One of whom was Philip. Philip was three years older than we were, and he was what you might call an … Continue reading Philip


The previous item reminded me of my first couple of weeks at the brand spankin’ new Elco school. Compared to the the Richland school where I had been going since third grade, it was huge. At Richland there were five classrooms for the six elementary grades, so grades three through five were split and shared … Continue reading Elco

Jennifer Kenny

After some further searching, I discovered in the newspaper archives that Sally Price and Jennifer Kenny were often involved in Library Club activities, so it seemed that Jennifer Kenny must be the name of the third girl that I wasn’t certain of in my previous post. But I couldn’t find her in the yearbook, or … Continue reading Jennifer Kenny