Jennifer Kenny

After some further searching, I discovered in the newspaper archives that Sally Price and Jennifer Kenny were often involved in Library Club activities, so it seemed that Jennifer Kenny must be the name of the third girl that I wasn’t certain of in my previous post. But I couldn’t find her in the yearbook, or … Continue reading Jennifer Kenny

Sally Price

While looking through my 8th grade yearbook for something else, I came across this photo of the Library Club, and I found it contradicts my memories in numerous ways. First of all, I’m not in it. OK, so maybe I was out sick the day the photo was taken, because I know that I was in Library … Continue reading Sally Price

Teen Forum

One of the features of the Lebanon Daily News’s coverage of the local high school scene was their Teen Forum feature where six teens from a local high school were asked to write a very short answer to a question. The questions were of varying quality but given the brevity of the space allotted for … Continue reading Teen Forum

Library Club

As I’m said before, my former high school classmates frequently have told me that I can remember many things about high school that they’ve long since forgotten. Well, here’s something that I have very little memory of: Library Club. When I started 8th grade at the newly built Eastern Lebanon County High School (Elco), I … Continue reading Library Club