The One with Sarah Polley

Another good episode of Scriptnotes as John and Craig welcome Sarah Polley to discuss her latest movie Women Talking. Sarah Polley started her career as an actor and appeared in John August’s first feature, Go, as well as the Canadian dramedy Slings and Arrows. Since then she’s turned her talents to directing with critically acclaimed results.

Thirteen Lives

This week’s episode of Scriptnotes, Finding a Way In, and Out, features William Nicholson talking about his script for the movie Thirteen Lives, a film that follows the attempted rescue of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave in 2018.  It’s well worth a listen as he talks about turning a real life event … Continue reading Thirteen Lives

Bitter Almonds

If you’re a reader of whodunits you’re probably familiar with this scene. The detective (perhaps a professional detective or maybe an amateur sleuth, it makes no difference) comes across the body of the recently deceased and takes a whiff (perhaps of the deceased mouth or maybe from the glass where the deceased took a final … Continue reading Bitter Almonds