Can You Name Him?

I’ve been watching the 1980s cop series Hill Street Blues, and in a couple episodes in the third season there is a young actor who became much more famous later on in his career. Can you name him?


I’ve been listening to some of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown podcast; I skip the commercials and the sports talk, and if the news is especially bleak that day, I skip the whole thing because even with KO’s sense of humor, well… Anyway he's been concluding most episodes with a story about his favorite topic; that would … Continue reading KO

Now and Then

I’ve been watching Now and Then on Apple TV+. While overall I’m enjoying it (one more episode to go), it does have some problems. The basic premise of the show is that 20 years ago in 2000, six college friends (well, five actually, since one of them ended up dead) participated in events that left two … Continue reading Now and Then

Protein Shake

I was rather surprised at how few people named the person in the linked video yesterday (one, although someone else got it with a hint). Just for the record, the person I was referring to is not the one in the far right front seat (who is not, as far as I know, Woody Allen), but … Continue reading Protein Shake

Can You Name Him?

Several years ago I bought the Complete Sgt. Bilko Show DVD, and added it to my Plex library. That show, which aired in the late 1950s, was also known as You’ll Never Get Rich and The Phil Silvers Show. It was set in an Army installation and Sgt. Bilko (Phil Silvers, a comic from the vaudeville days) was … Continue reading Can You Name Him?