Penn and Teller have a television program where they invite magicians of all kinds (professional, aspiring, young, old) to try to fool them with a trick that they’ve devised. If the guest successfully fools the masters, the guest is invited to perform in Penn and Teller’s long-running Las Vegas act. One of the joys of … Continue reading D.K.

Fleishman Is an Idiot

I tried watching Fleishman Is in Trouble, and I rather enjoyed the first episode. But the second episode grew tedious as it became increasingly clear that the protagonist, Toby Fleishman (portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) was making increasingly foolish choices. Plus, I came to realize that we only saw Toby’s wife Rachel in flashbacks from Toby’s point … Continue reading Fleishman Is an Idiot

Crowned Again

Just finished watching the fifth season of Netflix’s series about the British royal family, The Crown, and contrary to what I’ve read elsewhere, I think it’s the best season so far. Once again I’m finding Charles to be a very sympathetic person, so I was surprised to see in the nytimes that many in Britain think … Continue reading Crowned Again


I’ve been watching The Crown and just finished the fourth season, and I have to say that it’s changed my opinion of some of the royals. Not that I ever followed the royals very closely, or at all really. But I’d hear about them from time to time. When the British royal family comes up in … Continue reading Crowned

Can You Name Him?

I’ve been watching the 1980s cop series Hill Street Blues, and in a couple episodes in the third season there is a young actor who became much more famous later on in his career. Can you name him?