Gary and Tony

  During my first year at Penn State, I lived in the dorms in East Halls on the 10th floor of Pinchot Hall. Just down the hall and to the right lived two fellows from South Philadelphia, both of Italian extraction, Gary and Tony.  I’ve mentioned Tony a couple of times previously, but not Gary. … Continue reading Gary and Tony


John Herbert, or Herbie as most of us called him, was a white ROTC student who lived on the fifth floor of Mifflin Hall during my second year at Penn State. He was a devout Christian and became good friends with Steve Sattazahn and Allan Maurer, high school classmates of mine who were also residing … Continue reading Herbie

7 Up

I wrote before about the playwriting course that I took during my first year at Penn State. And here’s the thing: I’m pretty sure that I can remember each of the other students who were in that course, eight of us altogether, all of the others Theatre Arts majors naturally, although I can’t recall any … Continue reading 7 Up