Company en Español

  I enjoy hearing Broadway show scores performed in foreign languages. A few years ago there was a thrilling Brazilian recording of Company, the George Furth and Stephen Sondheim musical. And now we have the first Spanish language version starring Antonio Banderas as Bobby.  According to Broadway World: In addition to playing the title role of … Continue reading Company en Español


Here’s a video of the recording of the song “Agony” for the 2022 cast recording of Into the Woods. Gavin Creel and Joshua Henry sing the roles of Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince (note the irony of the the male roles being named for their relationship to women, usually it’s the other way around.

Two Lansbury Stories

In preparation for Angela Lansbury’s receiving her lifetime special Tony Award tonight, I offer two stories in which she is featured. By happenstance Stephen Sondheim appears in them as well. This first story was related over 20 years ago on the Sondheim mail list, and while I can’t confirm its veracity, it sounds like something … Continue reading Two Lansbury Stories

Stephen and Mary

I’m reading, or rather re-reading Steve Swayne’s book How Sondheim Found His Sound, as I first read it in 2005 when it was published. Of course, I’ve forgotten a lot since first reading it, but one quote from Mary Rodgers really surprised me. Mary Rodgers, as I’m sure you know, was a composer of musicals such as Once … Continue reading Stephen and Mary

Ned, Ned, Bo-Bed

Just before attending the Sondheim interview conducted by Ned Rorem (as I described in the previous post) back in March of 2000, I sent a note to the Sondheim mailing list to let others know a bit more about Rorem.  There had just been an interesting interview with Rorem (conducted by Bernard Jacobson) in the March/April … Continue reading Ned, Ned, Bo-Bed