I Can’t Dance, Either…

As I explained in a previous post, while watching “All In with Chris Hayes” a few weeks ago, a comment that Hayes made about the (possibly temporary) legalization of same sex marriage in the state of Utah reminded me of a song, and I set about making a song parody video. You can read that post to find out why it’s taken me so long to produce anything, but the (good or bad, depending on your point of view) news is I now have a rough cut of the video up on YouTube.

I let a few selected friends see a preview and I received some very positive feedback. For various reasons I’ve decided not to edit it any further but to leave it in its rough state.

With the caveat that this was a self-teaching tool and I just wanted to have some fun, here is the video.

A couple notes (Warning: SPOILERS!):

Of the feedback that I received from the previewers, I got perhaps the best review anyone could hope for: “It was much, much better than Cats!”

I think of the two characters as Good Twin and Evil Twin. It was always my intention that the Good Twin should get progressively more banged up because of his ineptitude, including poking his own eye with a cane. But when I got near the end of filming, I found I had forgotten to film the scene where a hat pops onto the Good Twin’s head and a cane flies into his hand. With little time left, I improvised and had the Evil Twin “accidentally” poke the other’s eye, which makes for a more satisfactory plot, but alas, I didn’t shoot enough retakes to make it look credible. Hence, the rough cut. In case you’re wondering, at the end the Good Twin is trying to inch away from the evil one, but the actor moved too far so part of his body sometimes goes out of the frame. That’s the trouble with working with amateurs.

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