Fun with a Luncheon

When I retired in 2006, I initially asked that no one make a fuss about it. No goodbye luncheon, for example.

When overruled (apparently my co-workers didn’t want to pass up an excuse to take a few hours off from work), I asked that they keep it small, just our immediate office and maybe a few other folks. I didn’t want to risk having practically nobody show up.

Anyway, throw me a luncheon they did, and they did a bang up job, especially Jeannie, my boss, who came up with some clever gag gifts, as well as a few serious ones.

Co-worker Ed filmed the whole thing, and I set about editing it into a 15 minute musical video. While it turned out well, there were a few things that I couldn’t do because of the lack of time.

I finally got around to re-editing the video, so here is “JT’s Luncheon—The Musical!” I intended to cut back the length of the video but only manged to reduce it by about 30 seconds, mainly by shortening the “Overture”.

In case it isn’t clear from the video, I didn’t take the nice things they said about me too seriously, but it was good to hear them anyway, and I’m grateful they took the time to give me a fun sendoff.

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