Which Concerto?

As I mentioned in my writeup of the Philadelphia Orchestra concert the other day, the fellow sitting next to me was from LA. Apparently he enjoys traveling around to hear concerts in different halls to compare and contrast the various orchestras and the acoustics of the halls. This was his first time in Verizon Hall … Continue reading Which Concerto?

Price, Wieck, and Ravel

“WHITES ONLY”—“COLORED ONLY”—“NEGROES NEED NOT APPLY”: This signage was a part of Florence Price’s world everywhere she went, whether Arkansas or Boston or Chicago, to the end of her days. It was not just about restrooms, water fountains, education, and jobs. It was also about the White-dominated world of classical music— especially orchestral music. To … Continue reading Price, Wieck, and Ravel

Alive and Alone

As I’ve noted on other occasions, I’m not particularly fond of the climactic number, “Being Alive”, from George Furth and Stephen Sondheim’s show Company. I’m in the minority on this, perhaps it’s time to elaborate a bit. It’s often been written, including by Sondheim himself, that the creators had difficulty coming up with an ending for … Continue reading Alive and Alone

Company en Español

  I enjoy hearing Broadway show scores performed in foreign languages. A few years ago there was a thrilling Brazilian recording of Company, the George Furth and Stephen Sondheim musical. And now we have the first Spanish language version starring Antonio Banderas as Bobby.  According to Broadway World: In addition to playing the title role of … Continue reading Company en Español


Here’s a video of the recording of the song “Agony” for the 2022 cast recording of Into the Woods. Gavin Creel and Joshua Henry sing the roles of Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince (note the irony of the the male roles being named for their relationship to women, usually it’s the other way around.

Can You Name Him?

I’m reading a biography of a famous composer (after finishing ones on Beethoven and Mozart), and while I sort of knew the following information about him, I must have forgotten just how young he was when he experienced it. Can you name this 19th century composer? Answer at the bottom of this post. I’m omitting … Continue reading Can You Name Him?