It’s the Sauce, I’m Sure Of It!

I don’t often buy frozen pizzas. This is partly because I don’t buy a lot of processed foods, and partly because I try to maintain a healthful diet, and partly because most frozen pizzas are pretty mediocre. And when I do feel like eating pizza, the local Snap Custom Pizza provides me with just what I want.


But every now and then, maybe once a year or so, I find myself bringing a frozen pizza home from Trader Joe’s. Which brings me to the Trader Joe’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza, which I tried on a whim the other day.

And it is decidedly not mediocre. In fact, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good. Not as good, perhaps, as the best pizza you might find in your favorite pizza hangout, but as frozen pizzas go, it really stands out.

What is its secret?

I think it’s the sauce. The tomato sauce has more flavor than you typically find in frozen pizzas.

I currently have two more in my freezer.

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