Odds and Ends

The other day when I went to Trader Joe’s, I was anticipating a line, so I was pleased to see there was none as I approached the store. But when I got to the entrance, an employee told me to form a line as they were not letting any more people in until some of the customers came out.

As I waited a bunch more people got in line behind me. After a few customers had exited, the employee came back out and, walking right past me, asked if there were any senior citizens in the line. I had to shout to get his attention. Normally I’m happy to be taken for younger than my 70 years, but it does have its downsides.

As an addendum to my post on Buffy, I just want to mention that the musical episode ran 50 minutes, about seven minutes longer than the regular episodes, so after the original airing, it was trimmed back to 43 minutes. The original uncut version is available on the DVD, but the streaming services have the chopped version—except, I’m told, for Hulu, which is streaming the uncut version—but seeing that I don’t have Hulu, I can’t verify that.

Andy Hallett as LorneAndy Hallett as Lorne

Also, after the first three seasons of Buffy, two characters were spun off into another series, Angel. While the two shows had completely separate storylines, they occasionally did crossover episodes, so it can be helpful to watch both shows in tandem. The correct viewing sequence can be found at this page. Angel, by the way, is a good show, but not quite in the same league as Buffy. It’s first two seasons are pretty good, with a few truly outstanding episodes, but after that it becomes sketchy—a few great episodes here and there but the overall story arcs aren’t convincing, at least to me. But Cordelia does blossom into a fully rounded character on that show, and it introduces Lorne, one of the all time great TV characters as played by Andy Hallett, in the second season.

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