Magpie Murders

I like to keep a lookout for Anthony Horowitz. He dramatized several of the Agatha Christie whodunits for the ITV Poirot series back in the 90s. Then he went on to create the Midsomer Murders series, although he only stuck around for the first season. Best of all he created and wrote many episodes for one of my favorite whodunit shows, Foyle’s War, set during and after the Second World War.Magpie murders

He has also written several devilishly clever books, including one that I especially enjoyed, Magpie Murders, which includes not one but two whodunits, a mystery within a mystery.

Its protagonist, Susan Ryeland, is an editor of mystery books, and when she reads the manuscript of one of her best writers, Alan Conway, she sees that it is unfinished. And then she finds Alan Conway’s dead body.

As I said, two whodunits in one.

I greatly enjoyed it, especially because I solved one of the two mysteries with ease (if you notice the one important clue, you’ll cop to the killer immediately) while the other one was beyond my meager powers to solve, fair though it was.

While the book was an excellent read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes whodunits (I mean, who doesn’t?), the good news is that Horowitz has adapted his book into a six part telly series which will be shown on Britbox in the UK and on PBS in the US.

First episode is scheduled for Thursday February 10.

I can’t wait.


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