Ten Percent

Dix pour cent

There was a wonderful French tv series entitled Dix pour cent, which means “Ten Percent”, but when the show was made available for English-speaking audiences, for some reason it was renamed Call My Agent. Since it concerned a talent agency, that wasn’t necessarily a bad title. The show can still be found on that overpriced streaming service.

Oh, I hear you say, there is more than one overpriced streaming service. Well, right you are. It’s the one that begins with an “N”.

Anyway, I greatly enjoyed that show. It was sort of a dramedy and while it had plot lines that carried through the whole series, it also featured notable French actors playing versions of themselves in each episode. So it was probably even more fun for French audiences who would have appreciated all the inside jokes.

I just noticed that the series has been rebooted as a British show, and they’ve restored the original title of Ten Percent. It was broadcast in Britain during the spring, and it’s coming to Acorn TV in July.

Can’t wait!

(It seems to be available on other streaming services as well.)

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