The Sound of One Fan Clapping


Just want to briefly mention that the window installation on Friday by Power went very well.

I do have a couple very minor complaints. When I called on Wednesday to get the time they expected to be here, I was told it would be in the afternoon, but on Thursday I received a call saying it would be in the morning around 8. When I asked why the difference, I was told that I had called their “corporate” office. Well, that’s the only number I had, and it was the same number that showed up when he called. What number was I supposed to call? This wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but based on my expectation of an afternoon installation, I had made arrangements for the window shades to be rehung on Saturday, meaning my bedroom would be shadeless on Friday night. But more on that in a subsequent post.

Also, when the work crew got here, shortly after 8 AM, they initially tried to set up their outside work area on a neighbor’s sidewalk directly in front of her beautiful plants. I asked them if they could please move their work area to a place without plants, and they complied.

Other than that, there were no problems. I got the impression that the six men were not native English speakers, as they only spoke Spanish among themselves, but they had no difficulty speaking English with me. Oddly, I never figured out which one was the crew leader until he asked me to sign the completion papers when they finished the job in less than three hours, one less than the estimate I had been given. They did a great job installing the windows, and there were no unexpected problems.

And the windows appear to be great. My main hope is that they will keep the house air from becoming too dry in the cold weather, as my sinuses don’t like humidity of less than about 40%, but until then they do seem to be much better at dampening the outside noises. There was another crew hammering at a house just down the street, and with the windows closed, all I could hear was the low sound of my AC’s fan.

Sadly, they still don’t block the really loud noises, as a passing motorcycle amply demonstrated. If I were king, the first thing I’d do would be to ban all the motorcycles. And any other vehicles that make too much noise, in my opinion.


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