I Hate Meeces To Pieces


Last year I had a mouse problem.

I knew this because every evening when I sat down to watch tv I saw a mouse scamper across the living room floor and disappear into some nook or cranny in the kitchen.

So I ordered some mousetraps from Amazon. I got the better mousetraps, because I’ve never been very good at setting the traditional kind.

Anyway, I baited a couple traps with a bit o’ honey and after a few days the mouse was history.

Problem solved.

About a week or so ago I noticed a mouse scampering in the kitchen when I returned from my early morning walk, I figured it was time to dig out the traps again. Also, I noticed signs of definite enemy mouse activity in the cabinet beneath the sink.

I baited two traps with honey and placed one on the kitchen floor next to the range, where I had caught the little critter last year, and placed the other one in the under-sink cabinet.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Meanwhile, it was very clear that the mouse had been returning every day to the cabinet and wreaking some havoc down there, all the while ignoring the honey-baited trap.

Clearly more extreme measures were called for.

So I stuck a peanut into the trap.

Within hours I heard a snapping sound in the kitchen, and sure enough, the mouse had fallen for the peanut.

Problem solved.


The next day there were once again clear signs of enemy mouse activity under the sink. So I put another trap with a peanut down there and bagged another rodent. And decided to lay one more trap—just in case.

And bagged yet another one.

All told, I caught five of the little critters.

And I’m keeping a peanut trap down there for safe keeping.

BTW, in a better world, I would try a gentler approach, but if I simply caught the rodents live, I’d have no place to release them, so I feel I have to take this approach.

But I did learn something.

Apparently you can catch more mice with peanuts than you can with honey.


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