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Spanish Company

I enjoy hearing Broadway show scores performed in foreign languages.

A few years ago there was a thrilling Brazilian recording of Company, the George Furth and Stephen Sondheim musical.

And now we have the first Spanish language version starring Antonio Banderas as Bobby. 

According to Broadway World:

In addition to playing the title role of Robert, Banderas produced and directed the Spanish version of COMPANY, first performed at the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank in Malaga, Spain, in 2021, and followed by a six-week season at the Teatre Apolo in Barcelona. Starting November 17, Banderas will once again star in the musical at the Universal Music Hotel Teatro Albéniz. The show was awarded Best Musical at the prestigious MAX 2022 Awards, held annually in Spain.

It’s available for streaming on the usual platforms. I have a link to Amazon above and Apple Music below. Here’s the track list:

1. Obertura (Overture)
2. Company (Company)
3. Las Pequeñas Cosas Que Hacéis Juntos (The Little Things You Do Together)
4. Arrepentido -Agradecido (Sorry-Grateful)
5. Tú Enloqueces A La Gente (You Could Drive A Person Crazy)
6. Tengo Una Chica Para Ti (Have I Got A Girl For You)
7. Alguien Me Espera (Someone Is Waiting)
8. Cien Personas Más (Another Hundred People)
9. Casarse Hoy (Getting Married Today)
10. Entreacto (Entr’acte)
11. Uno Junto A Otro (SideBySideBySide)
12. Pobre Chico (Poor Baby)
13. TickTock (TickTock)
14. Barcelona (Barcelona)
15. Las Damas Que Almuerzan (The Ladies Who Lunch)
16. Sentirse Vivo (Being Alive)
17. Being Alive (Live Bonus Track)

Perhaps I won’t find “Being Alive” quite as annoying when sung in Espańol.

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