An Interim Verdict

We’ve had such a mild fall so far that I can’t reach a final verdict on the new windows, but the interim verdict is that they’re doing a great job.

We’ve had a lot of days where the temperature was in the 50’s F as well as a few in the 40s with a couple dipping into the 30s. With the old windows I’d have had to turn on the heat as soon as the outside temperature dipped into the 50s for at least two days.

With the new ones, I haven’t needed to turn on the heat at all.

In fact, as I like to sleep in a very cool bedroom, I typically open the bedroom window a few hours before going to bed to get the room down to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

And the humidity, which is the more important thing for my sinuses, has been holding its own.

So as of now I’m quite satisfied with the windows.

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