The Second College Bowl

Senior College Bowl Team

A couple years ago I wrote about the College Bowl that Elco put on during my junior year and my humiliating performance in it.

As it happens, I didn’t learn my lesson, and during my senior year, I once again participated in that year’s College Bowl. I guess Elco had decided to make it an annual tradition. I wonder if they still do?

According to Maryann Shelhamer’s report in the Lebanon Daily News of Friday February 17, 1967:

Elco juniors and seniors once again pitted their knowledge, quick recall and perhaps luck against each other this afternoon in the second annual Library Club sponsored version of the “College Bowl”.
Members of the senior team were: Maryann Shelhamer, captain; James Troutman, Pamela Barry and Kenneth Rittle.
The Junior panel included: Douglas Elliot, captain; Leonard Yingst, Marie Bomberger, and Cheryl Geib.
Mr. Donald Kugle served as moderator, and Mr. Ronald Paine and Mr. Franklin Bergman were the judges.

As it happens I have absolutely no memory of that second College Bowl. Perhaps I only remembered the first one because of the drama (from a teenager’s point of view) that accompanied it and my abject humiliation. It’s interesting to see that one of the members of the junior team was my buddy Leonard Yingst. I wonder which team won that year?

As I said, I have no memory of that second College Bowl except— 

Rig Team

In my writeup of the first one, I suggested that the buzzers that we used to ring in had been rigged up by Dennis Keener, Gary Wells, and Eric Blouch. But when I posted that to Facebook (of which I was still a member two years ago) the estimable Mr. Blouch recalled that yes, indeed, he and the talented Mr. Keener and the accomplished Mr. Wells had put together the blinking lights and buzzers, but— 

He was certain that Curly, Larry, and Moe (as he referred to the three of them) had performed those duties during our senior year because that’s when they would have had access to our physics teacher Mr. English’s inner sanctum.

So perhaps I was conflating the two instances. In any case I’d still like to know who won that second time.

Three stooges

Feb 17 1967 Lebanon Daily News p 8 clip

Feb-17-1967-Lebanon-Daily-News-p-8 clip.pdf

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