Seven years ago I made a video about the inability of the Apple Watch to correctly track when one was standing, even though that’s one of the three things that it claims to track. Well, it hasn’t improved.

I realize that it can’t really track whether one is standing or not, but what it does do instead is track motion. If it detects continuous motion for one minute, then it gives you credit for standing during that hour.

As I illustrated in that video, if I’m chopping up vegetables for a salad, it doesn’t register as motion because my left arm, where I’m wearing the Watch, is holding the vegetables, while the right arm does the chopping.

So while I’m usually standing most of the time, I’m not necessarily moving around. But I might walk downstairs to get a cup of coffee, and then come back upstairs. But the continuous motion of one minute was not met, so I don’t get credit for it. Similarly, I might travel down into the basement to fetch a load of laundry, but I’m too quick. I might, in fact, register several hundred steps during the hour, but if the continuous motion of one minute was not met, I don’t get credit for standing, even though I’ve been on my feet the whole time.

So why is nobody complaining about this?

Because at ten minutes to the hour, when the Watch reminds you to stand, all you have to do is shake your arm for one minute to get credit for standing. You could be flat on your back, but if you move you arm continuously for a minute, you get the stand credit.

Say, Apple, is it too much to ask that before you remind someone to stand, that you do a simple check to see if they’ve registered a certain threshold of steps in that hour? Really, after seven years, I’d have thought you’d have fixed this.

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