Apple Watch’s Biggest Flaw

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I like the Apple Watch. It tells me the time, of course, as well as the date and current outdoor temperature.

But it also lets me keep my iPhone in my pocket when I receive an alert. Just discreetly glance at my wrist. It lets me easily set a timer, just by telling Siri, although sometimes I don’t speak as clearly as I ought to. I don’t have to drag my credit card out of my wallet to pay at selected fine retail outlets. And there are many other apps that I may or may not find useful every now and then. 

But my main use is the fitness tracking. In addition to David Smith’s Pedometer Plus Plus for watching my daily steps, there are built-in apps that track my movement or calories burned, my exercise or elevated heart rate, and how much standing I do every day.

And there is the problem–because I’m standing a good portion of the day and the Watch is supposed to give me credit for standing at least one minute per hour.

But it doesn’t. 

Now watch!

Apple, please fix this. Other than this problem, I think the Watch is fine for a first generation product.

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